A Happy Divorce? Why breaking up needn't be so hard to do

Usually when you decide to separate from your partner you feel angry and hurt.  Sometimes, however, despite that you may feel that you want to remain on good terms with someone that you once loved – not only for your own self esteem but also for the sake of your children and the family unit as a whole.

In the normal ‘adversarial system’ you and your partner instruct separate lawyers, divorce papers are issued, lengthy correspondence is entered into and dates set for court hearings to deal with finance and children. With collaborative law, however, each person still has their own lawyer, but instead of negotiations being conducted by letter or phone (and ultimately in court) you work things out face to face.

Collaborative lawyers believe in a non-confrontational approach and the aim is to resolve disputes without going to court.  To achieve this all parties, including the lawyers sign an agreement saying you won’t go to court and if you do, you have to get new lawyers and start all over again from scratch.

The collaborative process helps couples to resolve their disputes and to choose the solutions that suit them as a family and in their own time frame.  It leads to better relations between former partners and is better for children. It is also much quicker than going to court to resolve all issues.

Consider looking for a lawyer who can help you work things out with your ex-partner to suit you both.

We at Terry Jones Solicitors have two Resolution trained collaborative lawyers and for further information please contact either Sue Fitzmaurice or Jeremy Charlton who will be pleased to help you to achieve a ‘happy divorce’.

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