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Call us sad, but many of us in our family listen avidly to the Archers, which I think is a flagship example of BBC public broadcasting at its best. In the last couple of years, one of the key story lines has concerned Peggy and Jack. After her first husband died, Peggy remarried Jack and they ran a hotel and restaurant 'Grey Gables' successfully for very many years. For the last couple of years Jack has been in a care home suffering from Dementia. He died just before Christmas and the family were dealt a devastating blow when Jack's Will was read at the solicitors and Jack had left the bulk of his estate to his daughter Hazel, with whom he had lost contact in recent years.

It is assumed that Jack never reviewed his Will in the light of his subsequent marriage to Peggy and for anyone either listening to the Archers or reading this article, there is a lesson to be learned here.

That lesson is that, after making your Will, you must always keep in mind the need to review your Will and to consider whether you need to change your Will either by making a new Will or making a codicil to take account of any change in your personal or financial circumstances. Or the circumstances of other family member or beneficiaries under an existing Will.

If you do not already have a Will or having read this article, decide there may be a need for you to review your existing Will, then please call the following for a free consultation.

Written by Jeremy Charlton.

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