Are you looking @ trouble?

“You have got to watch this clip. Hilarious…….. ”

That is the start of many emails sent between co-workers and friends or even as updates on Facebook. Unfortunately, if you fail to choose your audience properly or copy in the wrong people, it could all back-fire massively.

Prosecutions have increased recently for misusing the telecommunications network and similar offences. A forwarded email here or a repeated joke there can cause offence without you even realising it and next thing you know you have a possible workplace grievance, social media backlash or even a police investigation. Inappropriate words can be just as dangerous as inappropriate behaviour.

Remember whether at work or on your own time : if you’re not sure,  don’t say it or send it.

A recent case study used the example of a person seeing a comment on Facebook, taking a screen shot and forwarding it to a group of ten people from work by Whatsapp. One person was offended, the employer became involved and the police had to consider a prosecution for a racially aggravated offence. All for the sake of “something funny I saw on Facebook”.

If you have any concerns over allegations or investigations please contact Terry Jones Solicitors on 01952 297979 or alternatively email Oliver Nicholas on

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