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Cohabitation agreements: the common law marriage myth

Posted on: 29 Apr 2021

The term common law wife/husband has been around for decades. But is the ‘common law’ spouse a real thing? And do unmarried partners have any rights when it comes to cohabiting? The simple answer is – no. The common law status is a bit of a myth that while it sounds official, has no legal […]

Telling children about separation and divorce

Posted on: 28 Jan 2021

One in three children will see their parents separate or divorce before they reach their 16th birthday.  Telling your child is one of the hardest conversations that a parent will have.  Many parents will be unsure how to manage the situation and put their child’s best interests first.  It is important to remember that as long […]

Making decisions about divorce when children are involved

Posted on: 21 Jan 2021

Divorce is never easy, but when children are involved the emotional cost is far dearer. Understandably, divorcing parents are often concerned about the impact a divorce will have on their children and there are also a range of decisions that must be made about children’s welfare during the process. Our family solicitors are members of Resolution, […]

I want a divorce – what do I need to do?

Posted on: 15 Jan 2021

Divorce is not a situation many people plan to be in and, as such, it is common to feel unprepared when faced with it. While divorce is often a complex and emotional process, understanding the steps that need to be taken can help you feel more in control. This article will give a brief outline […]

When do you need a solicitor for divorce?

Posted on: 11 Jan 2021

January is notoriously a tough month for many, with cold weather and long nights combining with the post-Christmas blues to create a fair amount of misery. Additionally, as most divorce solicitors will tell you, January is also one of the most common months for couples to separate and, with the added ‘lockdown effect’, January 2021 […]

Good Divorce Week 2020

Posted on: 30 Nov 2020

Terry Jones Solicitors is supporting Good Divorce Week 2020 by offering free 30 minute consultations to those considering divorce. Good Divorce Week is an annual campaign that aims to promote practical and constructive ways for separating parents to put the needs of their children first. Organised by Resolution, a community of more than 6,500 family […]

Premarital agreements: what’s changed in the last decade?

Posted on: 26 Oct 2020

It’s been a decade since a German paper heiress had her premarital agreement (PMA) approved by the highest courts in England. The decision of the Supreme court in 2010 effectively changed the way that our family courts treat PMAs and, in turn, the way we advise our clients who are about to marry and seek  […]

Covid-19 and the value of the family home upon divorce

Posted on: 22 Oct 2020

For many separating couples, the matrimonial home and its value is often the largest asset within the divorce proceedings.  As both spouses will typically need to purchase new homes for themselves following divorce, it is therefore necessary to discover how much the marital home is worth, and how much each party will eventually receive as […]

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