Benefit Fraud - are you being investigated?

If you have received a letter requesting that you attend an interview under caution regarding an allegation of Benefit Fraud you require legal advice NOW.

Any benefit claimant may be the subject of intrusive investigation and prosecution and an interview under caution with the relevant authorities can be daunting without legal assistance.

Our Benefit Fraud team are available to assist you with this.  We have extensive experience in dealing with Benefit Fraud cases.

Did you know that legal aid is available in this type of case?  Telephone the Criminal department now on 01743 285888 to assess whether legal aid would be available for your case to cover an attendance at an interview under caution with you.  If legal aid is not available we offer a fixed fee system to ensure that we can assist you through the Benefit Fraud interview procedure.

 Already had an interview? Already received a summons? This is not a problem.  We are still able to assist you in this matter.  The sooner you contact us the sooner we can provide you with full advice.

 If you wish to email an enquiry in respect of Benefit Fraud matters please do not hesitate to contact

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