Cohabitation Agreement - National Statistics announced

According to data which has been recently released by the Office for National Statistics the fastest growing family type in the United Kingdom is cohabiting couple families.

Despite this being the case there remains, within law, the discrepancy of legal rights between cohabiting couple families and their married counterparts.

There is the common misconception within society that cohabitees benefit from a “Common Law marriage”, but this simply is not the case.  Couples who choose to cohabit, whether for a short period or in substitution for marriage, do not share the same legal rights as couples who are married. This is increasingly apparent when a relationship breaks down.

Regardless of how unromantic it may sound, a way in which cohabitees can seek to protect their assets if the relationship does break down in the future would be to enter into a Cohabitation Agreement. 

With the Agreement being able to detail who owns what and then document how assets will be divided should the relationship break down as well as containing provision for children, if relevant, this could go a long way in combating a lot of heartache, which inevitably comes with a relationship breakdown.

In these times where cohabiting couple families are so prevalent, yet the law affords little protection to parties in the event of a relationship breakdown, it is worth seeking legal advice upon your own situation. Our Family teams here at Terry Jones Solicitors can be contacted on 01743 285 888 or 01952 297 979 whereby an appointment can be made for you to meet with one of our Solicitors for advice.






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