Have you recently ended a relationship? Is your ex partner continuing to contact you? Are you being stalked? While physical stalking has been around for several of years, the concept of cyberstalking is a relatively new concept. With the Internet being available on many devices the opportunities to follow someone’s every cyber move are huge.

It not unusual for many people to document their thoughts, feelings and locations on social media platforms several times a day. In addition, dating websites and applications have been known to use location settings to match potential couples who wish to find love. In reality we could be feeding stalkers and perpetrators with vital information to track the whereabouts of their victim.

To ensure that you stay safe using the Internet follow our handy tips

• Do not give out your contact details online
• Restrict your privacy settings to ensure that information is only shared with approved individuals
• When creating an email address, do not use your full name
• Keep your guard up and trust your instincts
• Google yourself and make sure there is nothing out there that gives too many details about you
• Turn your location settings of your internet devices so you cannot be tracked
• Set unusual passwords using a combination of letters, numbers and characters and keep the information safe.

If you are experiencing cyberstalking or harassment from an ex partner, we at Terry Jones Solicitors may be able to help. This can be as simple as warning the perpetrator to stop his/her behaviour or as a final resort making applications to the court for protective injunctions.

Contact our domestic violence team for further information. 

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