Dangerous Dogs

The Sentencing Guidelines Council has recently held a public consultation regarding sentencing for offences committed under the Dangerous Dogs Act. The types of offences that can be committed under this Act include the possession of a prohibited dog, a dog being dangerously out of control and a dog being dangerously out of control and causing injury to a person.

The Sentencing Guidelines Council publishes guidelines for lots of offences that courts must follow when passing sentence.
The public consultation on dangerous dogs was started because lots more cases are coming before the courts and there is a need to ensure consistency in sentence across the country. Of particular concern is the rise of cases where dogs have been used as a means of intimidation or even as a weapon to cause injury.

Currently there are a range of powers available to courts including banning people from owning dogs and also, in serious cases, putting the dogs down. The Sentencing Guidelines Council are hoping to publish new guidelines that will help courts decide on a suitable sentence which reflects the difference between both the normally careful owner whose pet gets momentarily out of control and the negligent owner who does not care if their dog poses are risk to the public.

The public consultation closes on 8th March 2012.

If you are prosecuted for an offence under the Dangerous Dogs Act, Terry Jones Solicitors have Solicitors with lots of experience in these types of cases and can offer you advice.


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