Debt Enforcement

It is a fact of life that obtaining a judgment against a person who owes you money can, in many instances, be a relatively straight forward step but enforcing that judgment to extract the actual payment a debtor owes you can often be another challenge.  A number of   debtors may have already their credit records damaged by previous judgments for example and take great steps to avoid payment.

It makes it very important therefore to obtain the correct advice as to the best and most cost effective way to achieve enforcement and/or enforce the debt without wasting time and money trying to enforce in a way unlikely to succeed. 

Different methods of enforcement suit different types of debtor depending on factors as to whether they are employed, whether they own a property or a motor vehicle outright, whether or not they own a bank account and have ever given you a bank cheque for say part payment. 

I can help you decide on how best to enforce a judgment in any given set of circumstances as well, of course, obtain the necessary judgment for you in the first place.

John McCormack

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