Detention of 17 years old

A legal challenge against the Home Office is attempting to overturn the detention rules regarding the treatment of 17 year old suspects in the Police station.

At present 17 year olds are dealt with as adults in the Police Station however a charity has been granted permission to bring a judicial review of Police practices when they are questioning teenagers. They will argue that everybody under the age of 18 should be treated as a juvenile.

This was brought about as a result of a case which involved a 17 year old without a criminal record who was handcuffed and detained for 12 hours on suspicion of robbery. The teenager who was eventually released without charged, was unable to tell his parents why he had disappeared and was informed that his mother could not attend at the station to help him.

Had he been 16 years or younger he would have been entitled to the support of a parent or appropriate adult when arrested.

The charity states that they feel that detained teenagers, deprived of the advice of an adult, often reject help from a duty Solicitor in Police interviews because they wrongly believe they are working for the Police.


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