One of the greatest threats to any business or industry is change. No sooner have you got to grips with new legislation, devised a system to cater for change and retrained your personnel than someone has come up with another bright idea whereupon you then have to reinvent the wheel. The legal profession is no exception. Constant changes in legislation have resulted in legal practices having to be far more innovative and circumspect. The constant withdrawal of funding, increased competition from non-lawyers and a deluge of new regulatory requirements have seen the most dramatic change in the legal landscape which is unrecognisable compared with 30 years ago.

In similar fashion the farming community have faced precisely the same wind of change. Gone are the days of mixed farming where it was common place to have a herd of milking cows, a few store cattle and growing cereal and root crops in strict rotation. There are inevitably, similarities. Lawyers and farmer have been faced with the inevitable and unenviable choice of ‘changing with the times’ or face extinction.

Change is all well and good but inevitably, it comes at a price. It invariable means enormous investment and considerable borrowing. Diversification and specialisation is undoubtedly seen as the way forward as without shadow of doubt, in the eyes of those who control our destiny “big is beautiful”.

As with all things in life, any change has to be carefully considered, structured and planned. This invariably necessitates input from a number of specialists who have a thorough understanding of what is involved and how change should be implemented. Ideas and innovation is one thing. Planning and implementation are an entirely different ball game.

It is for this reason that we at Terry Jones Solicitors and Advocates practice what we preach. We are passionate about what we do in our various specialised subjects. We spend a lot of time and money in gaining specialist knowledge to assist our farming cliental but without understanding how our clients operate and what challenges face them, our efforts can go unrewarded. It is for this reason that our specialist team involved with the agricultural community are frequently out and about where it matters seeing first-hand what our clients are about in their various specialisms and how they have diversified and managed to change. There can be no better way of appreciating what is going on than being “where it matters”. We at Terry Jones Solicitors and advocates are happy to be at the “sharp end” in understanding and appreciating what is going on, what is involved and how we can possibly make a difference.

In addition to our own expertise, we are able to call upon the specialisms of agronomists, land agents and specialist Counsel who have many years’ experience in dealing with agricultural issues. From succession planning to contract farming, tenancy issues to quota entitlements, we have the answers.

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