Have you received a Postal Requisition?

A postal requisition is a criminal charge and tells you when you need to attend court. This means that the police suspect you of being guilty of a criminal offence.

Previously the most common method for requiring a person to attend court at a specific date and time was by way of a court summons. This is no longer the trend. A postal requisition has now replaced the old court summons process.

Postal Requisitions are different to a court summons in that they no longer require information to be laid to the court to issue a summons. They replace the charging process and are common if you have been interviewed voluntarily or you have been released from bail and a decision is made to charge you with a criminal offence.

There are strict criteria and timescales to be met before a postal requisition can be sent to a defendant.

What to do if you have received a postal requisition?

Do not simply wait for the hearing. It is essential for you to contact a solicitor. That is where Terry Jones Solicitors specialist Criminal Department can help you. We will offer you a free 30 minute consultation on the postal requisition procedure and in some cases secure legal aid for representation at court.

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