Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney

A Health and Welfare LPA enables your Attorney to make decisions affecting your personal health care and welfare.

This could involve significant decisions, such as:

  • giving or refusing consent to particular types of health care, including medical treatment
    decisions; or
  • whether you continue to live in your own home, perhaps with help and support from
    social services, or whether residential care would be more appropriate for you.
  • Your day to day care, including what you wear and what you eat.


Can an attorney refuse treatment?

Yes. If you want your Attorney to make decisions about ‘life-sustaining treatment’, you have to expressly authorise your Attorney in your LPA.

Including life-sustaining authority does not authorise euthanasia. You may also enable your Attorney to make decisions about day-to-day aspects of your personal welfare, such as your diet, clothing or daily routines. It is for you to decide and communicate to your Attorney which decisions your Attorney may make.

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