How do I make an LPA?

Making an LPA

Whilst it is possible to try to make an LPA online, it is worth seeking professional legal advice.

Just like Wills, LPAs can be disputed. Having a Solicitor help your write your LPA will ensure that it accurately reflects your wishes and ensures that all eventualities are covered and documented, avoiding any future disputes.

Terry Jones friendly and experienced team of Solicitors are here to offer you advice and guidance throughout the process. As a Solicitors practice we are regulated and insured and have your interests at the heart of what we do.

We are here to ensure that all your questions are answered and your interests properly protected.

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Making an LPA with Terry Jones Solicitors

Making an LPA with Terry Jones Solicitors couldn’t be simpler.


We will discuss your LPAs with you, to explore your needs and so that we can fully advise you. Depending on the complexity of the matter or to satisfy capacity requirements, we may need to arrange a face-to-face meeting or video call to ensure that all points are covered. This is included in the price of your LPA.


Our expert lawyers will then draft your LPA and send it to you for review. Once you have received the document, we will run through it with you as necessary, confirming that is does exactly what you want it to do. Once you are satisfied, the document can be signed and we will guide you through that process.


Once signed we will then send the LPA for registration, following which it will be available for use and can be called upon when you need it. It is mandatory for an LPA to be registered and the Attorney(s) will have no authority to act until the LPA registration has happened.

Writing an LPA with Terry Jones Solicitors

By writing an LPA with us, you will have complete confidence that your Attorney(s) have the power to help with your property, finance, health and welfare decisions should the need arise.

We always recommend that you should seek legal advice from a professional regulated firm when you wish to make an LPA particularly where there are:

  • joint attorneys
  • attorneys with different responsibilities
  • any other specific feature/request you would like to be noted

The great benefit of an LPA is that you make the choices. If you want decisions about your property, finance and health to be made by a trusted friend or family member of your choice then you should make an LPA.

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