Importance of writing a well drafted Will

The importance of leaving a well drafted Will is underlined in the current news story concerning a bequest being left to ‘the government,’ writes Jonathan Edwards, Wills and Probate Executive in our Telford office.

In her Will, ninety year-old retired nurse Joan Edwards apparently left a £520,000 bequest to ‘whichever government is in office…. To use as they may think fit.’ The money was initially divided between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties; a fact that was revealed when the Electoral Commission released a list of party donors on Tuesday.

However, after criticism from across the political spectrum it is understood that the Coalition Parties are now to give the monies to the Treasury.

This is a perfect illustration of the need for Wills to be drafted clearly and the difficulties caused for Executors when gifts are framed in such vague terms. Gifts under Wills can fail for ‘uncertainty’ and it is clearly sensible to have your Will professionally drafted to avoid pitfalls which your loved ones may have to wrestle with after your death.

If you would like to discuss making or updating your Will or need advice on estate planning then please ask for Jonathan Edwards at our Telford office. (01952) 297979 or Michelle Parry at our Shrewsbury office (01743) 285888).

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