Is your Home at risk of flooding?

Are you concerned about flood risk to your property? If so, would you like us to prepare a Flood Report for you? The report is derived from the latest Environment Agency Data and costs as little as £24 inclusive of VAT. Where a flood risk is identified, the report maps the information clearly so that you are able to see exactly how your property is situated in relation to flood zones.

The Flood Report contains the following features:-

• Land contours taken into account
• Surface water flood risk
• Flood extents based on 100 and 1000 year events
• The presence of river and flood defences
• Flood water storage areas
• It has the benefit of an Environmental Certificate

The report also provides access to a home buildings and contents insurance policy even where high flood risk is identified. So for peace of mind, why not instruct us to prepare a Flood Report for you?

For more information please contact Sarah Smith on 01952 297979 or email

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