It’s not always worth litigating

A recent case, reported this week demonstrates that it is not always in the parties interests to litigate.

A Barrister Wife, who took her ex-husband to court complaining that her £26 million divorce settlement was not enough, has ended up £8 million worse off. Read more at

As an alternative to the litigation process, we at Terry Jones Solicitors have solicitors trained in the Collaborative Process.

The Collaborative approach is appropriate for couples who genuinely seek a fair solution and who want to minimise the pain of family breakdown. Almost always the best solutions are those which you work out for yourselves, together – in which everyone involved can share and this helps to create the best chance of building a brighter future.

You set the agenda so you talk about the things that matter most to you and your family. You also set the pace because you are not affected by court dates and attendances at court. You maintain contact with your former partner. That way you have the best chance of understanding each other and finding the right solutions for you and your family. If children are involved then it will help them to cope better with your separation if they see that you are working things out together.

If you think that the Collaborative approach is right for you and your family then please contact either Sue Fitzmaurice or Jeremy Charlton who will be pleased to discuss the options with you.


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