Judge reprimanded

A judge who said burglary needed \'\'a huge amount of courage\'\' has been investigated after members of the public contacted the Office for Judicial Complaints to vent their anger at his remarks.

A spokesperson for the Office for Judicial Complaints said:

“His Honour Judge Peter Bowers has been issued with a reprimand following complaints about remarks he made during his sentencing of a burglar at Teesside Crown Court. The Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice considered his comments to have damaged public confidence in the judicial process”.

His Honour Judge Peter Bowers made the remark whilst sentencing 26 year old Richard Rochford from Redcar on 4th September 2012.
Having acknowledged the trauma burglary victims face, the judge explained he was not going to imprison Mr Rochford, who had quit drugs since the February break-ins. Upon imposing a suspended sentence of imprisonment of 12 months , the judge said: \'\'I\'m going to take a chance on you.\'\'

The Judges comments sparked outrage and even provoked a response from David Cameron who admitted that he had not seen the details of the case, but added: \'\'I am very clear that burglary is not bravery.”

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