Looking to the future with great optimism

It is often suggested that “challenging times” bring out the best in a business which is determined to succeed. The last few years have been extraordinarily difficult for all businesses large and small and this has seen many firms and companies, “run for shelter”, be it by way of merger, withdrawing services previously offered or simply going out of business. The pain and suffering endured by the majority has certainly taken its toll which inevitably gives some credence to the statement, “we are still here”.

The ravages and ramifications of probably the worst recession most of us can remember have regrettably brought many casualties to the business community nationwide and the legal profession is no exception with many large firms ceasing to exist.

Inevitably, recession brings about change which invariably is met with rejection and dissension. Many view change with scepticism and see it as a threat. The more astute, embrace challenge and work in unison to achieve their goal.

Like any other business, the legal profession has faced many challenges in recent years. The withdrawal or cut backs in legal aid has inevitably had an impact. The stagnation of the economy and the lack of economic growth have affected the business community in terms of development to say nothing of a “new book of rules” which regulates our conduct by the day.

At Terry Jones Solicitors, we have embraced change and have weathered the storm. In so doing, we have retained our identity and revised our business model. We have suffered the same pain and frustration that many other businesses have had to endure but the last 12 months has shown significant growth and a greater demand for our varied expertise and services than we have previously known. Keeping abreast of technological advances has enabled us to cater for the increased demands on our services which is complimented by the full range of services we are able to offer to our clientele.

We at Terry Jones have remained passionate throughout the difficult times in achieving the best possible result and objective of our clients by providing a dedicated, friendly and professional service at a realistic charge or on a fixed fee.

By embracing the challenges we face but never forgetting our humble beginnings in terms of meeting our individual objectives, we feel confident that we have weathered the storm and can view the future with a degree of optimism for further growth and expansion.

Terry Jones

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