Mounting care home fees can empty wills

The elderly need to be aware that increasing care home fees could mean they have nothing left to leave in their wills. The charities Age Concern; Help the Aged; and the Law Society are all concerned. Linda Rees, Consultant Solicitor says: “It does seem unfair that people who have saved and lived carefully for years can see their assets wiped out because of care home fees. Age Concern estimates put last year’s average care home fees at £470 per week. Many people have ended up in this situation because they have not received legal advice from a solicitor.”

The Law Society has warned that many wills could need reviewing as care residents’ assets continue to deplete, and urges people to seek legal advice before it’s too late. This warning follows a report that more than 20,000 pensioners had to sell their homes last year to pay for residential care home fees- an increase of 17 percent in the past five years.

Linda Rees comments: “We advise people who are worried to seek advice from their solicitor as they can inform you of what options you have.”

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