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  • Appropriate Adults and 17 year olds
    30th April 2013

    The High Court yesterday ruled that 17 year olds in Police custody should be offered an appropriate adult following a finding that a failing to revise PACE Codes C to distinguish between 17 year olds ... read more »

  • Do you have a criminal record?
    26th April 2013

    The Home Office have announced that old and minor cautions and convictions will soon be filtered out of the criminal record checks requested by employers.Serious sexual and violent offences, and offen... read more »

  • Review of Police Cautions
    24th April 2013

    The Government have announced that they will carry out a review into the use of Police Cautions amid concerns that they are being used inappropriately to deal with serious and repeat offenders.The ful... read more »

  • Top district judge warns of the burden caused by rise in litigants in person
    12th April 2013

    The new President of the Association of Her Majesty’s District Judges has raised concern regarding the rise of more people representing themselves within Court proceedings, and identified that w... read more »

  • Alternative option for funding divorce litigation
    9th April 2013

    Following the withdrawal of legal aid in the majority of family cases we at Terry Jones Solicitors have been looking at other ways to help our clients meet the cost of divorce proceedings.We are delig... read more »

  • Legal Aid changes sparks concerns
    8th April 2013

    As of the 1st April 2013, access to Legal Aid will become increasingly limited, with only specific categories of cases being eligible for such help and assistance. This is a result of the implementati... read more »

  • It’s not always worth litigating
    5th April 2013

    A recent case, reported this week demonstrates that it is not always in the parties interests to litigate.A Barrister Wife, who took her ex-husband to court complaining that her £26 million divo... read more »

  • Use of police cautions to be reviewed
    3rd April 2013

    Last year more than 200,000 individuals responsible for crimes were dealt with by way of a police caution.Concerns have been raised that police are administering cautions for serious offences and repe... read more »

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