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  • Happy New Year
    23rd December 2013

    May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year.This office will be closed from 4pm on 31st December until 9am on the 2nd January 2014. Should you require the assistance o... read more »

  • Christmas Celebrations
    23rd December 2013

    We have all been enjoying the Christmas festivities and at the same time raising money for Hope House  Children's Hospice.  Staff at our Telford office had a Christmas Mufti day last Friday ... read more »

  • Children's Christmas designs
    20th December 2013

    Our Newport team have decorated their office with posters designed by about 40 youngsters at St Peter and St Paul Primary School in Coppice Drive.  The children got in touch with their artistic s... read more »

  • I do .... revoke my existing Will
    16th December 2013

    It is a little known fact that when you get married, any Will you may have executed before this momentous occasion is automatically revoked.  Many clients and colleagues are ususally very surpris... read more »

  • The importance of registering your property
    13th December 2013

    There is still a surprising amount of land and property in England and Wales that is unregistered.  This means that the Land Registry has no record of the ownership of the unregistered land. Ther... read more »

  • Clare’s Law to cover all of England and Wales
    2nd December 2013

    A scheme which allows the Police to disclose to individuals their partners’ abusive pasts is to be expanded in March to cover all of England and Wales, following a successful pilot in four polic... read more »

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