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  • Proposed Change to the Intestacy Rules
    19th January 2012

    If you die without making a Will, the division of your assets on death pass in accordance with the Intestacy Rules. The Law Commission has proposed changes to these rules to now include cohabiting par... read more »

  • Late Night Opening
    16th January 2012

    Are you finding if difficult to see your lawyer during the week?  We are now offering appointments on Thursday evenings until 7pm as well as Saturday mornings. Please contact us to make an a... read more »

  • Saturday Opening
    9th January 2012

    We are pleased to announce that we now open on Saturday mornings 'by appointment'.   If you are finding it difficult to see a lawyer in office hours, we open between 10am and 12 noon.&n... read more »

  • Collaborative Law
    6th January 2012

    Jeremy Charlton and Sue Fitzmaurice are trained Collaborative lawyers who can help provide a different approach to resolving family disputes.The collaborative process is appropriate for couples who ge... read more »

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