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  • Spare Bedroom Tax
    28th March 2013

    As of 1st April 2013, families who are deemed to have too much living space will receive a reduced payment in Housing Benefits. Those who will suffer are parents whose children only visit during the w... read more »

  • Divorcing couples often hide assets
    13th March 2013

    Many people going through divorce could be hiding their wealth from their partners, a survey suggests. As many as nearly a quarter of divorcees questioned for a survey said they had tried to hide fina... read more »

  • Four in five parents now paying for their children
    13th March 2013

    The number of parents using the CSA who are paying towards their children has jumped in recent years – and now stands at almost four in five (79.5%). read more »

  • Company Law v. Family Law in Divorce Cases
    13th March 2013

    The Supreme Court is to decide whether spouses can protect assets behind the corporate veil of a company, citing company law.Last year the Court appeal held in a two to one majority in favour of the H... read more »

  • Charity success repeated
    13th March 2013

    Having recently participated in the nationwide “Will Aid” charity campaign, we are delighted to announce that in November we raised £3650 making a total of nearly £10,000 over ... read more »

  • Mediation fails to reduce litigation over children
    13th March 2013

    Since the obligation to consider mediation was introduced in April 2011, requiring parties to first attend a meeting about mediation, recent figures show it has had a limited impact on the number of c... read more »

  • Released prisoners to be banned from moving around country
    13th March 2013

    Newly released prisoners are to be banned from moving around the country when they leave jail. This is to ensure that the complete any rehabilitation programmes.In addition the Justice Secretary has s... read more »

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