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  • Redeeming Your Equity Loan When You Come to Sell
    26th November 2015

    If you bought your home with the aid of a Help to Buy loan, you will currently have this loan secured on your property as a second registered charge.  You will have to repay the loan, together... read more »

  • What makes a good LPA Attorney?
    13th November 2015

    With a record number of over 250,000 Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) being registered each year with the Office of the Public Guardian, the importance of choosing the right person to deal with you... read more »

  • DIY Executors ~ v ~ Solicitors
    11th November 2015

    We occasionally have executors call into our offices to collect the Will of a recently deceased client stating that they have been through the process before; therefore they are more than able to a... read more »

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney – The Benefits
    9th November 2015

    In recent times, we have seen an increase in applications to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order.  A Deputyship Order may be required when a person has not made a Lasting Power ... read more »

  • Unfair Divorce Settlements
    6th November 2015

    There has been an important decision in the Supreme Court recently for 2 wives who were duped into accepting unfair divorce settlements from their former husbands. The men had deliberately misl... read more »

  • Should you apply for a Special Guardianship Order?
    4th November 2015

    Have you been looking after someone else’s child for over 3 years? Are you looking after a child with the consent of Social Services? Are you a Local Authority foster carer wh... read more »

  • Congratulations to Robin as he qualifies
    2nd November 2015

    We are delighted to announce Robin Tattersfield qualifies as a Solicitor today.  Robin joined us in 2012 as a Legal Assistant. His academic history speaks for itself having achieved a... read more »

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