No Fault Divorce Bill

On the 4th December the House of Commons will consider for a second time a proposed change to the law relating to divorce which is a welcome and encouraging development for couples who wish to get divorced but do not wish to blame the other or wait for a lengthy period to prove the breakdown of their marriage.  It proposes a sixth reason or fact on which a divorce can be granted.  It would help those couples who decide together that their marriage cannot be saved and mutually agree to divorce.  One of the couple would not have to state fault or wait for a significant period before being able to begin their divorce and conclude their financial arrangements.

The proposed change does not do away with the option of fault based divorce namely adultery, unreasonable behaviour or desertion.  If only one party wants a divorce and doesnt want to blame the other then he or she would still have to either do so or enter into a lengthy period of separation, that is more than 2 years with the consent of the other party or, if consent is not given, to live apart for at least 5 years.

However, if successful and the law is changed then this could pave the way for couples to approach the breakdown of the marriage in a sensible way and enable them to avoid further conflict by mutually agreeing that their marriage is at an end.

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