Sharon Lane

Tel: 01952 297979


Office: Telford

Sharon is an Accredited Police Station Representative in the Criminal Department and has over 20 years experience in dealing with a wide range of criminal matters.

Sharon represents clients at the police station when they have been arrested for various offences and is also a caseworker in the firm's dedicated Crown Court department.  Sharon and her team are available 24 hours a day to attend police stations, even at short notice. At the police station they will ensure that their clients' rights are protected, explain the police evidence against them and advise them properly before, during and after interview.  Their Crown Court department has a huge amount of experience in conducting Crown Court cases ranging from the most minor to the most serious and complex.  A case will be analysed and prepared by an experienced caseworker working together with a Barrister.

Sharon also has a strong interest in allegations of Benefit Fraud and has represented many people who have been asked to attend the Department for Works and Pensions or their local Council for an interview under caution. 

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