Police Bail Fiasco

In an article in the Sunday Times published 3 July 2011 by Katherine Eade, the article drew attention to the fact that domestic violence suspects might be freed in the recent bail chaos.

This followed a recent Court ruling that received much publicity recently, with the prospect of suspects being investigated by Police being freed and potentially going on to commit further offences.

The article went on to highlight concerns on the part of the association Chief Police Officers (ACPO) that chaos over Police bail could have an adverse impact upon victims of domestic abuse.

Following the well publicised public reaction, parliament acted quickly and passed Police (Detention and Bail) Act 2011 to remedy the situation.

We at Terry Jones have an experienced team of Lawyers working in this specialist field supervised by Jeremy Charlton Senior Solicitor, who has been accredited by Resolution as a Specialist Family Lawyer with particular specialism in the field of domestic abuse

We have the knowledge, experience and resources and are able to represent clients, be they Publicly Funded or private fee paying, and who wish to apply for an injunction to keep away an abusive partner including situations in which the Police are or have been unable to provide the necessary level of protection.


Jeremy Charlton

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