Principles and professionalism

The threat to many members of the legal profession continues unabated. In recent years, the legal profession have had to contend with competition for the services it has provided for many years be it in the Commercial or Private Client Sector. More recently, the withdrawal of Legal Aid to assist genuine people with legitimate cases has left them floundering when faced with having to act in person. To further compound matters, the pending reforms in relation to Criminal cases would suggest that many in the very near future, will face a Court Hearing and not have the benefit of representation.

The legal profession is in turmoil and the sad reality is that many highly skilled and proficient lawyers are now leaving the legal profession as a result. The vast majority of the legal profession have spent many years and enormous amount of money in gaining their professional status so as to enable them to offer their expertise in their particular discipline. Generally, their knowledge and proficiency has enabled their client to achieve the objective with a minimal amount of difficulty or aggravation.

Alas, the world is changing; the Government of the day ably supported by various commentators seem intent in challenging of the various fabric of our legal system by insisting the legal process is directly linked to financial recompense.

We at Terry Jones Solicitors believe in providing a thoroughly professional and proficient service for a realistic return.

We believe in providing the best representation that we possibly can in whatever discipline of law we undertake.

We are neither adverse to competition nor fixed price engagement.

We believe we have the expertise and the knowledge that makes a subtle difference to the outcome of our clients matter.

This philosophy will always be maintained irrespective of the financial constraints that we are faced with, as we are passionate about what we do and how we achieve our goal.


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