Rachel Wood advises clients of Perry and Phillips

Director and Solicitor Rachel Wood who is based at our Bridgnorth office and who specialises in Wills, Probate and Trust has recently forged relationships with local funeral directors, Perry and Phillips, assisting their clients during difficult times.

Perry and Phillips comment “When dealing with legal issues such as a family Will or Probate, despite many families now carrying this out themselves, our advice will always be to seek guidance from a firm of professionals. Rachel Wood specialises in Wills and Probate and has produced an informative guide for clients of Perry and Phillips Undertakers.”

Rachel comments “We are delighted we have been chosen by Perry and Phillips to assist their clients in the administration of a loved one’s estate.  Following the death of a loved people, their family may be feeling a whole array of emotions; shock, upset, anger, monetary worries to name just a few.  People deal with grief in different ways, just as they approach the Probate process in different ways.  To be able to help them through this ordeal is rewarding for us; we want to take the worry and  stress away from them and we believe we do this in a sympathetic, understanding and compassionate manner.

Chris Adams of Perry and Phillips added “ The Administration of the estate of the deceased after death can be a daunting process. Rachel and her team pride themselves on providing the best possible service to all clients in difficult and emotive times. Like ourselves they are passionate in what they do and compassionate in their approach to their clients. We would always recommend seeking the advice of a Solicitor to ensure that the Probate process is completed correctly and as efficiently as possible.”

Rachel Wood and her team photographed with the staff of Perry and Phillips

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