Reduction in Crime

The recently reported fall in crime in England and Wales may be greatly exaggerated says the Office for National Statistics.

Police have recorded 7 % fewer crimes than the year before and the Crime Survey of England and Wales indicates a “statistically significant” fall of 8 %.

John Flatley, statistician for the Office for National Statistics attributes this decrease to increasing demands upon Police forces to meet targets on crime reduction and detections.

Other possible explanations include minor crimes being dealt with by way of community resolutions as a result of officers being given greater discretion.

The Crime Prevention Minister Jeremy Browne disputes this and maintains that “Crime continues to fall under this government…..and is now at it’s lowest level".

However, whilst statistics would indicate a reduction in crime as a whole, there has been a recorded increase in the number of thefts reported to police……..Perhaps not at all surprising in the current economic climate!

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