Registration of Title

If the property or land you own is currently unregistered, then registering title to this provides an up to date official record of the ownership together with rights and burdens affecting the title. When registered, land is allocated its own register and official plan.

But why should you do this?
There are a number of advantages to making a “Voluntary First Registration” and these are best summarised as follows: -
• A registered title is guaranteed. This means that if a person suffers a financial or other loss because of a mistake or omission from the register they may be able to get compensation under the provisions of the Land Registration Act 2002
• Registration can rectify some problems in title and in turn eliminate complicated enquiries which may be raised on a future sale and thus save time.
• Registering land should reduce costs because it simplifies the conveyancing work involved when selling a property or land
• Registration can also help to minimize the potential for fraud. Any person dealing with registered land can check the register of title maintained by the Land Registry to confirm who the owner is. They can also identify entries on the register that may require them to obtain information or evidence to enable the transaction to be registered. It is vital in the on-going fight against Mortgage Fraud
• The fee for a Voluntary Registration is lower than that on a standard application and if you contact us we can discuss this in detail
• Finally, when dealing with registered land 'unregistered title deeds' no longer have any legal value and are of historical value only. Proof of ownership of land can be obtained simply and quickly from the Land Registry.

If your land is not registered the title deeds to land are of vital importance as without them an owner would experience great difficulty proving ownership of the land. In such a situation it would be necessary for a reconstitution of title application to be made to the Land Registry which can be a time consuming and costly application.

Generally, people will store their title deeds in a secure place such as a bank's deeds storage facility, or with their Solicitor, however it is increasingly common for people to store deeds at home where they believe them to be in a safe place without giving any thought to the consequences should there be a fire or flood at the property which may result in the deeds being damaged or destroyed, not to say simply misplaced or lost.

When someone applies to register title to their land for the first time, they must prove they own the land. The method of doing so is to prepare an epitome of title for submission and complete all the necessary Land Registry forms. If someone can show that they do own the land, they will have their name recorded on the register as the registered proprietor or legal owner of the land.
We can assist you by preparing and submitting your application for first registration to the Land Registry.

For further information on this subject, contact Sarah Awty at Terry Jones Solicitors on 01743 285888 where we will provide an estimate of our legal fees together with a breakdown of the registration fee payable.


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