So the festive season is upon us once again...

We are all scouring the high street and the internet to find those all important gifts for our loved ones, family and friends.

We spend a lot of time and energy searching for that perfect present but have you ever stopped to think about the most significant gift you will ever make?

When we die everything we own (our estate) will pass to those we have chosen to benefit under our Wills or otherwise,  will devolve under the Intestacy Rules.

Under the Intestacy Rules our estates will not necessarily pass to those who we would have chosen as the Rules consist of a set order of blood relatives who will benefit and so do not take into consideration any unmarried partners or step-children or friends. To ensure that your wishes are adhered to when you pass away, you should prepare a valid Will.

So, if that special someone you have bought that favourite perfume or bestselling book for, is somebody who you would like to leave that family heirloom or first edition to, please contact our Private Client Department on 01743 285888 to discuss preparing your Will.

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