Solar Panels - The Pitfalls

Are you considering installing solar panels to your property?  If so, we would strongly recommend that you speak to us regarding any agreement the Solar Panel company require you to sign as you may well be granting a Lease of your roof space which you are not aware of and this could create a multitude of problems when you come to sell the property.

We understand that you may be considering solar panels as a way of improving the environmental performance of your home and also reducing your energy bills however you do need to ensure that you are fully aware of the risks you may be exposing yourself too.

If you have a mortgage secured against your property your mortgage lenders consent will also be required and they also have a list of requirements that must be met before the Lease can be granted and the works commenced.

The Law Society has produced guidance on the "Pitfalls of Solar Panels" which can be found at  We would strongly recommend that if you are considering having solar panels installed to your property that you carefully read and consider this guidance and contact Sarah Smith at our Telford office for further assistance.

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