Speed cameras and variable speed limits

Ever increasing speed cameras, variable speed limits and traffic enforcement mean more and more people are receiving penalty points on their driving licences.

When 12 points or more are obtained there is a mandatory 6 month disqualification from driving imposed, known commonly as the “totting up” procedure. It is possible that certain legal applications can be made to prevent a 6 month disqualification. One such application is Exceptional Hardship, where reasons can be put before a court that the hardship suffered by you and others connected to you would be such that the court can treat it as exceptional, allowing them to depart from the 6 month disqualification. 

These Applications are complex and for the best chance of success need a qualified specialist to compile the application obtaining all relevant evidence and present the argument to the court in a manner to achieve the maximum result. Here at Terry Jones Solicitors we have a dedicated team of motoring specialists able to assist with such applications and any other motoring offences. Please call 01952 297979 / 01743 28588 for a free initial discussion.

Jamie Wade
Head of Criminal Department

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