Spring clean your personal affairs....

As we spring into March, many of you may be turning your minds to spring cleaning your home.  There can follow a tremendous feeling of achievement knowing that everything is clean and in good order after the Winter period.  How many of us however, can say the same about our financial and personal affairs?  If anything were to happen to you unexpectedly, are your affairs in order and do you have a Will to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of?

So many people put off making a Will because they think that they have nothing to give, or it is something that only older people do.  We all have something to leave and unfortunately we will all know of people who were taken ‘before their time’.

Making a Will is probably one of the most important documents which you will ever sign, it is important to get it right with professional help and to keep it under regular review as your circumstances in life change.  If a Will is not made, the people who will inherit are decided upon according to a strict order made under law.  Many false assumptions are made as to who will inherit if a Will is not made, this can lead to hardship particularly for unmarried couples.  A ‘common law’ husband or wife will not inherit under the intestacy rules.

To ensure that your assets which you have worked hard for are left to those who you chose it is therefore important to have a Will in place and will also give you peace of mind.

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