Supreme Court will hear ex-wife’s appeal in claim against husband brought 18 years after divorce

The Supreme Court will hear an appeal by the wife in the case of Vince v Wyatt[2013] EWCA Civ 495. In May 2013 the Court of Appeal allowed the husband's appeal against the dismissal of his application to strike out his former wife's claim for a financial remedy, which she issued some 18 years after the parties were divorced.

In the High Court the husband had been ordered to pay £125,000 directly to Wife's solicitors. But the Court of Appeal held that an A v A order should not have been made against the husband requiring him to pay a total of £125,000 to fund his ex-wife's legal costs of bringing the claim against him.

The appeal before the Supreme Court is likely to be heard in December 2014.  To read the judgement from the Court of Appeal, please follow the link

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