Telford Local Development Order

Homeowners across Telford and Wrekin can now benefit from a faster and cheaper way of having planning permissions for minor works granted, if they fall within the confines of certain criteria.  Should your proposal involve works to create a dropped kerb, the addition of thermal cladding to a house, the construction of a porch or the erection of a single storey, first floor or two-storey rear or side extension, then you may be able to benefit from the new fast track process whereby a Local Development Order (LDO) can be applied for.

To provide an example as to how this will benefit homeowners; traditionally, a planning application for a householder alteration would cost the applicant roughly £172.00 and would usually require 8 weeks to be processed.  Under the terms of the new LDO the process is much more streamlined and could see your proposal considered in less than 2 weeks and with a total overall cost to the applicant of circa £150.00.  The outcome is either that your application meets the criteria or it does not and, should your proposed works fail to meet the criteria set out by the Local Authority, you will be given one 1 week to amend the plans so that the proposed works meet the criteria and the application may then be approved accordingly.

Whilst the introduction of the LDO system will look to make the process of receiving approval to householder alterations much simpler, unfortunately not every Property within the Local Authority’s radius is able to benefit from the new scheme.  Certain types of properties are exempt and the LDO will not apply in some circumstances.  Examples of such scenarios would be listed buildings, a House in Multiple Occupation, Local Interest Buildings and also buildings where permitted development rights have been removed.

The Telford & Wrekin Council website includes a PDF Guidance Booklet for homeown-ers wanting to know further information about the scheme and includes information such as how to make your application, whether your proposed works are covered under the LDO and the design criteria that must be met for the granting of an LDO.


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