To Register or Not to Register that is the Question

When taking ownership of land or property or if you re-mortgage and the land or property is unregistered, then you must register for the first time.

Buying or Selling any land or property which has not been registered with the Land Registry can complicate a property transaction.

You may apply to Voluntary Register your property and in doing so this :

  • gives proof of ownership;
  • makes it easier to sell, change ownership or transfer the property in the future;
  • helps protect your land and property from fraud;
  • as records of your title and ownership of the property/land are kept at the Land Registry (including plans associated with property or land) it is easier to obtain copies of the documents when they are needed in connection with the any future transaction.

The Land Registry are offering a reduced fee for Voluntary Registration Applications and at Terry Jones Solicitors we are currently contacting our clients whose Deeds we have in store in this regard.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Residential Property Department at Terry Jones Solicitors, if you wish us to deal with an Application for Voluntary First Registration on your behalf.

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