Unfair Divorce Settlements

There has been an important decision in the Supreme Court recently for 2 wives who were duped into accepting unfair divorce settlements from their former husbands.

The men had deliberately misled their wives as to the true extent of their wealth and had not provided full and frank disclosure of their means. As a result of their dishonesty the settlements have been set aside by the Supreme Court.

There are significant implications for other cases where assets are suspected of having been concealed, and as a consequence, many other recently finalised cases may be reopened. In particular, access to a share in concealed assets could make a huge difference in smaller money cases that are heard by judges every day.  This decision therefore is even more important in cases where the assets available for division are not enough to meet the parties’ needs.

Here at Terry Jones Solicitors we have several solicitors in the Family Department who are able to advise you and, if you want to look into whether this decision could affect your divorce settlement, then please do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the Family Department.

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