Voluntary Police Interviews

The police are increasingly using voluntary interviews as a way of questioning suspects in relation to a range of criminal offences. This avoids the necessity of individuals being arrested and being formally booked into custody and enable convenient arrangements to be made for individuals to attend the police station to be questioned.

After a voluntary interview is conducted, the police will either continue making enquiries into the alleged offence or report you for summons in relation to the offence which means that a decision will be made based upon the evidence in the case and the information you have provided in the interview. If the police do decide to charge you with any criminal offences, a Postal Requisition will be sent to your home address requiring you to attend the local Magistrates Court.

If you are invited into the police station to be questioned on a voluntary basis, you are entitled to free and independent legal advice as you would be if you were under arrest. In light of the fact that the process is so streamlined in terms of being taken straight into an interview, it often seems inconvenient at that stage to request a solicitor. However, the police interview is an important stage in any criminal investigation as it is your first opportunity to put forward a defence if you are denying an offence. Therefore, it is essential that you obtain legal advice at that initial stage to ensure your legal position is protected from the outset.

We are able to assist you in any voluntary interviews conducted under caution by the police. To avoid any delays upon your arrival at the police station, contact our Criminal Department on 01952 297 979 in advance to advise of the time and date you are required to attend the police station for an interview and we will ensure that a member of our department is there to assist you. All advice given at the police station is completely free of charge.

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