What makes a good LPA Attorney?

With a record number of over 250,000 Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) being registered each year with the Office of the Public Guardian, the importance of choosing the right person to deal with your affairs has never been so important.

So what qualities make for a good attorney?


You must be able to trust your attorney as they will potentially manage your financial affairs should you lose capacity or request them to do so. This is by far the most important quality your attorney should have as without it, you leave your affairs open to the risk of financial abuse. Although there are protections in place to help reduce the risk of LPAs being abused, ensuring you choose someone you trust could avoid this happening altogether. 


Your attorney should always want to do what is right for you and act in your best interests only.


Your attorney should understand you as a person, your needs, circumstances and wishes.

Strong and Confident

Your attorney may need to make decisions in difficult and emotional situations and therefore they need to be able to stay strong, confident and calm under pressure. This is especially true if your attorney has to make a decision in respect of your health and welfare as it is during these times where emotions and tensions among family members and friends will be at their peak. 


Your attorney must be competent and reliable.

Ultimately, choosing an attorney requires a lot of careful consideration and thought and by taking the time to choose the right person, you can potentially safeguard against your LPA being misused or exploited.

Rita Ella
Trainee Solicitor




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